How A Good Web Design Can Help Increase Your Sales

How A Good Web Design Can Help Increase Your Sales

How A Good Web Design Can Help Increase Your Sales

In modern day consumerism, a good web design is vital to increase sales. It should be mobile-ready, communicate your brand, and above all, provide a great user-experience (UX).

Your website is a digital representation of your company. It transports your physical presence in the real world, into the virtual world.

The design, colour and functionality should therefore represent your brand and reflect how you want your customers to perceive you.

Although most websites are built using a standard WordPress theme, it is important you build a custom design.

If you take the cheap option and choose a ready-made template, you risk owning a website that mimics thousands of other WordPress users that chose the same template.

Search engines like Google and Bing reward websites that boast unique designs and content with higher ranks in search engine results. The better you rank for SEO, the more exposure you are given to consumers.


Back-end coding

Having attracted visitors to your website, you have to keep them there. Content should be engaging and compel them to explore your site. And at this stage, your web design has to be user-friendly.

Consumers want websites that function well. They want to be able to find content, information, products or services as quickly and as easily as possible. In other words, they want to be directed where to go in the least number of clicks.

This is where a skilled developer can improve on the performance of a standard template – or a not-so-skilled developer. A good knowledge of HTML5, CSS, SEO and Javascript is what makes the magic happen.

The biggest challenge for web developers is the mobile revolution. Slower internet connections mean websites load slower on handheld devices. Websites therefore have to lose weight – and that means removing some of the magic dust.


Mobile friendly websites

Consumers perform more searches on mobiles than any other device. With search engines and social media accounts installing instant buy buttons, mobile purchases are likely to increase as well.

Mobile websites may not be the priority for every business, but if you have an online presence, your website should be usable on mobile.

Search engines penalise websites that are non-responsive and reward sites that provide a good UX despite having less landscape to work with. This requires creative design and years of experience.

A good web design – together with engaging content – should guide customers along the purchasing path and through to payments. This is why knowledge of sitemaps is crucial.

If mobile users cannot easily navigate your site and access content they want, they will probably leave. Make it easy for customers to buy products or contact you and your website will more than pay for itself.

A web design has to do more than look attractive or professional. Yes, these factors are still important to earn the trust of visitors.

But for your website to convert, it should not only look the part, it has to perform across multi-channel devices as well as well.

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