Five benefits of cloud computing for your business

Five benefits of cloud computing for your business

Five benefits of cloud computing for your business

Five benefits of cloud computing for your business


Cloud computing offers increased efficiency in business, with services that are ready in minutes rather than weeks or months. However, there is more to offer your business than just than just enhanced speed. Here’s a closer look at some of the other major benefits the cloud can bring.


Greater agility


Having access to resources when you need them shortens the scale and length of many IT projects, helping you bring products and services to market quicker. Being more nimble on your feet thanks to faster and cheaper services can reduce lead-time, with data analysis projects being delivered in just weeks rather than months.


Innovative business models


Using the cloud it is easier to start new initiatives, using existing services. Combining services in the cloud in new and innovative ways is allowing new businesses to get off the ground. Think of examples like Spotify, which used existing technology to revolutionise the way we listen to music.


Fewer issues


Using standardised services can reduce the risk of encountering issues of continuity letting you focus on things that really count. You can use services time and time again, knowing that the results will be the same each time. This helps your business predict outcomes and design apps and patterns accordingly. In effect, you’re outsourcing your IT requirements which lets you increase focus.


Smarter use of resources


Cutting back on the time that you and your staff spend dealing with operational issues lets you concentrate on what you do best. This is of course different for every business but the economics of scale offered by the cloud is a real advantage for many small to medium sized organisations.


Less expense


Of course, if you’re not investing in customised or individual services, then you can reduce the costs. With less capital investment and a greater emphasis on operational expense, it’s possible to lower your initial investment and use the money for other areas of the business.


If you’d like to know more about the benefits of cloud computing, and how it can positively affect your business, then get in touch with a member of the Designaweb team. Of course, the cloud is not for everyone and very much depends on the nature of your business and circumstances, but we’ll give you honest answers about the kind of services that best suit your individual needs.

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