Featuring the Wayback Machine

Featuring the Wayback Machine

Featuring the Wayback Machine

Remember the good ‘ol days of the web? No? Well now you can take a sneak peek at what Google looked like in 1998! It was a simpler, less aesthetically appealing time, but it’s the history of our world wide web, saved and archived forever.

The archive bot has indexed billions of internet pages (342 billion to be precise) and allows anyone to access their entire database. The Wayback Machine has archived desginaweb.co.uk from as far back as 2000.

The BBC was also a fairly early adopter of web technology, although very different visually to how it is today, back in 2000 it still offered live audio and video streams, weather forecasts, bitesize revision activities, various news stories.

YouTube has undergone maybe one of the most astounding
transformations from its original foundation in 2005 to being
the third most popular website in the world.

Thanks to this tool it really gives users the ability to comprehend how our web has evolved from its first existence on the 6th August 1991.

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