Facebook Set to Buy Opera Web Browser?

Facebook Set to Buy Opera Web Browser?

Facebook Set to Buy Opera Web Browser?

Facebook hasn’t been showing much affection towards Google recently, removing Google’s Chrome browser from its list of supported browsers. In its place now stands the underdog browser, Opera.

Facebook has recently been put under pressure to start making money for its new shareholders accumulated last month. Opera’s mobile browser is more prominent in the world of technology. And is the default browser on many modern smartphones. Opera is valuated at roughly 1 billion US Dollars. A full takeover by Facebook would be a considerable long term investment.

Not only would this allow Facebook to build a cross-platform mobile Facebook application, but it would also allow them to enter new internet markets. Google uses similar strategies and has expanded all the way from search engines to social networks over the past decade. Facebook may be looking to reverse this business model and employ it themselves.

Current Opera users account for 2.3% of the internet population. Many users of the browser have switched to alternatives such as Google Chrome and Firefox. Facebook would be in direct competition with Google once again if a takeover were to happen.


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