Facebook Releases New Design

Facebook Releases New Design

Facebook Releases New Design

It seems that more and more online services and websites are adopting new responsive design techniques. Latest to venture into the responsive design scene: social network giant, Facebook.

Inspired by their successful mobile app, Facebook have redesigned their web browser interface to offer a consistent ‘facebooking’ experience throughout a range of devices. Facebook’s lead engineer Chris Struhar suggested that the new Facebook interface strips back unnecessary, cluttered material, presenting users which a more streamlined and “engaging” experience.

The new interface boasts an array of new features, Facebook now presents topic specific news feeds that mould themselves around user preferences, likes and other Facebook activity.

It has been suggested that these changes will increase advert visibility, making it more difficult for users to ignore them. Facebook have denied this claim arguing that they “wanted to clean up the page, declutter it, make it simpler, more modern and easier for people to use.”
In the later 2000s Facebook overtook social networking competitor MySpace. Facebook’s innovation model is considered to be its superior characteristic, placing itself above rivals. Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg wants to stay on top of current trends, keeping the site fresh, revolutionary, and most importantly more appealing than competing products.

Facebook plans to slowly roll the new design and features. It will be a matter of months before all users are updated. A small percentage of users, mainly those who have signed up to the testing programme will begin to receive the update in the following weeks.
It will be interesting to see the general consensus on this update after it is fully rolled out. Facebook’s previously most recent update, the timeline, failed to be greeted with open arms by many users. With over 1 billion current active users it is important that Facebook puts their users first. However who are they putting first their users, or advertising partners?

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