Facebook Announces New Social Search

Facebook Announces New Social Search

Facebook Announces New Social Search

Mark Zuckerberg has announced a revamp to Facebook’s search. Speculation suggested Facebook would release a search that would be in direct competition with Google, however this is not the case. Instead the new search will use your friends’ profile information to return relevant results and even includes natural language queries such as “friends who like Web Design”.

If no results can be returned it will utilize Bing’s search to return results to the user. The new search is much more powerful than the current one with queries such as “friends who were tagged at Hyde Park in 2012” returning pictures of your friends in that location. If you wish to untag yourself from photos this can be done from the results page quickly and easily.

In the past Facebook has often had to answer questions relating to its privacy policy. Mark Zuckerberg made sure to note that only content that had been shared with you could be seen via the new search.

The new search is available right now but only as a beta test. It’s quite common for Facebook to slowly roll out new features to a limited number of users before allowing every to use the feature; this particular feature will be rolled out “very slowly”.

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