Exploring Emoticons and Web Design

Exploring Emoticons and Web Design

Exploring Emoticons and Web Design

Hugely popular with everyone from teenagers to businessmen, emoticons are used in everything from text messages and emails to advertising and design.

In fact emoticons are now so common that a lot of businesses are using them on promotional and corporate materials, aiding their communication and bringing a more personal feel to their company.

Though many web designers still avoid using emoticons in the main body of a website, they are creeping into more aspects of web design. So how exactly will this affect the look of the internet in the future and should you be including emoticons of your own in your next online update?

Why are emoticons good for communication?

Whether you love them or hate them, research has shown that emoticons really are good at communicating emotions and feelings through digital media.

Unlike written web copy, we react to emoticons like we would a real human face, interpreting their emotions and using the information we glean to help us better understand the meaning of the text or images we’re viewing.

However, this only works when reading from left to right, so if the emoticon is placed around the other way, our brains won’t register its emotion.

They can make you more popular on social media

Recent studies have revealed that social media posts that include positive emoticons are generally more popular than those that don’t.

Using emoticons on your social media profile and in posts and updates could help to boost your SEO and get your company noticed on the web.

Using emoticons in web design may also help to make your site more welcoming and more popular, something that could help to encourage users to return to your site again and again.

How can they be used in web design?

As emoticons are become more common and more accepted, they will inevitably begin to affect and influence web design.

No longer seen as being a teenage trend, emoticons can be used by web designers to communicate emotion, connect with customers and create an identity for a website.

As emoticons are still relatively rare in the world of web design, they shouldn’t be overused as too many on a website could easily appear gimmicky. A good web designer should be able to find the right balance, giving your website the personality it needs without distracting from its content.

To create a communicative and expressive site of your own, give the Designaweb team a call and we’ll rustle you up a perfectly balanced site that’s bursting with character.

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