Ever tried Google web fonts?

Ever tried Google web fonts?

Ever tried Google web fonts?

Today I have just come across Google web fonts; I am amazed that I haven’t found this sooner.  As with all Google products, the interface is very clean and easy to navigate. I had my first font set up in less than five minutes.

For those that don’t know what a web font is, a web font is a way of displaying a font that isn’t already installed on a client’s computer.  The web font is downloaded from a provider and is interoperated through CSS in order to display it.

You can simply start up Google web fonts in your browser, click the start choosing fonts button, and you are away! Currently Google are hosting 335 fonts, so it’s likely that there is one for you.  Add the fonts that you want to your online collection and there you go.  Google then gives you clear instructions on how to integrate the fonts into your website.  No uploading of scripts are required, and just modifications to the CSS and HTML head are needed.

Here at Designaweb we often use Typekit to incorporate the fonts into our websites to meet our clients needs.  Typekit has a library of over 700 fonts and offers integration methods much the same as Google web fonts.

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