The dos and don’ts of social media branding

The dos and don’ts of social media branding

The dos and don’ts of social media branding

Every company should have a social media presence, and this should be underpinned by a branding strategy that presents your business as an organised and cohesive entity. With that in mind, here are some top tips of what to do and what not to do when developing your online profile.

Do be consistent and regular
Try and adopt one tone of voice across all your media platforms. Keep posts and content relevant to your brand and make sure you are posting regularly. A random and unrelated post every now and then is not doing anyone any favours.

For Facebook, you should try and post once or twice a day during the week and maybe once at the weekend. Twitter posts can be more regular, maybe a couple throughout the day. And one Instagram photo a day is also good.

Do think about timing
Try to post at times of the day when people will see it. So first thing in the morning is good as people check in when they get to work, Lunchtime is another good period. The middle of the night is not such a good idea, even if you are the President of the USA.

Keep posts relevant to current events too, so if there’s a big news story, try and link your posts to that as it will give them more traction. But don’t overreach.

Do go big on your profile
Try to make your profile as comprehensive as possible. People may want to know all about your business, so don’t starve them of details. Photos, maps, links, it all helps.

Don’t try and cover all the bases
Choose your platforms wisely and don’t spread yourself too thin. There simply isn’t enough time to post on every platform, every day. Think about your demographic and choose platforms accordingly.

Don’t stray off topic
Focus on what you do best and link to relevant content but remember that people don’t necessarily want your opinion about everything. Stick to what you know and try and be informative, entertaining and engaging.

Don’t ignore comments
If people get in touch you need to be all over it. Respond, reply and offer help. Even if it’s a negative comment, never let it just sit there. Answer it, offer to discuss further, be polite and diffuse the situation with professionalism. Never get into any undignified spats in a public place.

Don’t over automate
Yes, there are some useful programmes out there that can help you manage your presence, but it’s obvious when an algorithm is running your accounts, and people will lose interest.

If you’d like more help or information about how to manage your social media, then get in touch with a member of our team.

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