Developers 101: 5 Essential Tools To Make Web Design Easier

Developers 101: 5 Essential Tools To Make Web Design Easier

Developers 101: 5 Essential Tools To Make Web Design Easier

Developers 101: 5 Essential Tools To Make Web Design Easier

The demands of consumers and search engines challenge developers to improve web designs that keep their customers happy. Oftentimes that means putting in more work to learn new skills.

So what you need are easy-to-use tools that enable you to speed up the process of web development and cut corners without everything falling out the box. Here are five essential tools we love.


UXpin is a wire framing tool that literally has it all.  Plans. Designs. Gives client Feedback. You can go from A to Z and pick up all the other letters along the way on a full tank of fuel.

It features a number of pre-set templates you can adapt to get you off to a quick start or provide you with some inspiration and has a full library of elements that are easy to add and enhance your prototypes.


Developers rely on tools that develop high-fidelity apps and websites and Antetype feels like it was built to solely fulfil that function.

The wire framing utility doesn’t produce files, but that is its genius – your team can focus purely on creating.

If you are frustrated using photo editing tools that are not user-friendly, switch to Antetype. The platform is specifically designed to understand content and layout intuitively and fitted with auto-layouts and widgets it make incorporating designs easy without losing consistency.


Designing a website is a team effort. Designers and developers are like left and right dancing feet. They have to know what the other is doing otherwise they will become tangled and fall over.

Avocode is a collaboration tool that helps to avoid confusion and complications by exporting design work without losing layers and elements. Therefore, front-end designers can communicate with the back-end developers in a central location.


Branding is vitally important for online businesses and is a specification many clients fret about over during their web design phase.

You still need to understand the branding concepts of your client of course, but Frontify will at least help you create style guides to follow.

This is another great collaboration tool and because it also incorporates a publishing platform, content creators get to be involved too. But the best news is, Frontify is free so you have nothing to lose giving it a whirl.


On the subject of open source web development tools, if you haven’t tried Form yet, you want to jump on this bandwagon before it gets too crowded and they start charging.

Form is not you’re a-typical prototyping design tool in that the app uses patches rather than layers to add interactions. But it does enable you to produce designs that deliver results that are closer to what you have at production stage.

Once the design is in place, the software reduces time calculating X+Y=Z and frees up time coding so back-end engineers can focus on more complex issues.

We’re big fans of cutting edge tools that help you cut corners without perforating the sides. What we love are easy-to-use tools that deliver powerful designs and create beautiful, functioning web designs that promise our customers ROI.

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