Designing with colours: warm colours

Designing with colours: warm colours

Designing with colours: warm colours

Picking colours for a website seems to be a very personal thing. But there is much more to it! Colour in design is very subjective. Picking a colour scheme for your website isn’t an easy thing, there are a few thing things to keep in mind. There is cultural background and there is the effect the colour has on people.


There are three main colour groups; warm colours, cold colours and neutral colours. Today I’ll discuss the meaning of the warm colours. Warm colours include everything between red, orange and yellow. These colours are often associated with love and autumn, but they also work as warning colours. These colours often have an energising and cheerfull effect on people.



Red is a primairy colour that attracts attention very quickly and in the western countries is seen as a sign of both danger and love.

The colour red can also be associated with danger, anger and hate. Red is cupid and the devil. This meaning most likely comes from the colour of blood. Blood is instinctively connected to danger. Red is also associated with the Roman god of war; Mars. Perhaps that’s also why the red planet is called Mars. At the same time red can be associated with love, happiness and importance. Take for example a firetruck.

In webdesign the colour red can be used for powerful accents. Too much red can be overwhelming.

We used red on the Office-Extra website



Orange is a secondary colour that on the colour spectrum is in the middle of red and yellow. It’s a combination of red and yellow so it shares some common attributes with those colours. Orange can be found in nature in the autumn, the sun, and the fruit. Orange is a very energetic colour.

Just like red, orange can be used for accents and add some visual interest to the darker designs. Orange is often considered more friendly than red.

We used orange on the websites:

Corporate Mailing Services



Yellow is another primary colour. It has conflicting symbolism. On the one hand it means sunny and happiness but on the other hand yellow is the colour of deceit.

Lots of wild flowers in the west are yellow. In a lot of countries yellow is the symbol of easter which, for centuries, has been celebrated in Christianity. Easter is associated with hope. The combination of yellow and black represents danger, think of a wasp or a bee.

In web design yellow can combine well with almost all other colours.

We used yellow on the Wisden World website

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