Designing with colours: neutral colours

Designing with colours: neutral colours

Designing with colours: neutral colours

Neutral colours are often combined with the stronger colours. These colours have a much greater impact on the design.



Black is the strongest colour amongst the neutral colours. Black is a colour with two completely different meanings. On one hand it’s associated with power, elegance and formality. But on the other hand it is also seen as the colour of night, death and sadness.

In stories or films the bad guy is often shown as dark (black) and the good guy is shown as light (white). In the western countries black is the colour for mourning. Black goes well with almost any colour except the very dark colours.

In web design black is often used for typography and other functional components because of the neutrality of the colour. Using white text on a dark background can be very elegant.

We used black on the following websites:

Fastec Racing
Brandon Body Centre

White or cream


White is considered the colour of cleanliness and purity. Like black, white goes well with almost any colour. In nature we find white in snow and clouds. The purity of the colour we see in the white dress of a bride. This symbolises the virginity of women. The American president is in the white house.

It is also often associated with doctors, nurses and dentists. This is due to its association with purity.

We used white on the following websites:

Cantab Catering

Website Design Services

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