Designing with colours: cold colours

Designing with colours: cold colours

Designing with colours: cold colours

Cold colours include the colours from the other side of the colour wheel; green, blue and purple. These colours are used more often on websites than warm colours. These are the colours of the forest and of water, but also wealth. These colours have a relaxing effect on people.




Green is a very down-to earth colour. It can represent growth, renewal, health and environment. Green can also represent jealousy or envy. Green can have both a warming and a cooling effect.

In design green can have a balancing and harmonising effect. It is an appropriate colour for designs related to wealth, nature and stability. Use lighter shades of green for a refreshing look while the dark colours represent wealth.

We used green on the websites:

Stormafit Leisurewear Ltd.



Blue is a calming colour. It’s a natural colour, the colour from the sky and water. In a lot of cultures blue is of big importance to religion. It brings peace and is believed to keep bad spirits away.

Blue brings confidence and importance without being somber. You’ll see this in police uniforms. For a long time blue has been associated with intelligence, stability and unity. The darker shades of blue represent richness or royalty while the lighter shades tend to feel cold.

We used blue on the websites:

Horse Quencher
Subadoo Divers
Blue Chip Worldwide



Purple is the colour of royalty. It can be associated with nobility and spirituality. Both the colours (warm) red and (cold) blue make this colour into a interesting colour. Purple has a special place in nature and is often delicate or precious. Think of lavender or an orchid.

Deep or bright purples suggest riches while lighter purples are delicate. In design purple gives a sense of luxury.

We used purple on the Beds Direct 2 U website

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