How Crucial Is Mobile Optimisation To Your Online Business?

How Crucial Is Mobile Optimisation To Your Online Business?

How Crucial Is Mobile Optimisation To Your Online Business?

The meteoric rise of mobile shopping is the fasting growing industry in history. And with four out of five smartphone owners using their handsets to shop, research and browse, it’s difficult to ignore the impact mobile optimisation can have on your business.

Google’s so-called “Mobilegeddon” pushed online businesses into upgrading their web designs so they are responsive on portable devices. With an audience on the move, your website has to be navigable on the smallest of screens.

But having a responsive website alone may not be enough. Online businesses that optimise their websites for mobile searches typically lead to an increase in activity within the hour.

Optimising for mobile

The versatility of mobile phones means consumers use them for more reasons than any other device. Mobile handsets are also arguably used more often than any other device – they can be used practically anywhere with a signal.

Online businesses should be looking at ways they can seize on opportunities to connect with their audience at any point of the day – without being intrusive of course; consumers do not like that.

Micro moments

Google says micro moments are the new path to purchase. What they mean by that is businesses should be looking to give their audience what they want in the moment they need it.

The key moments in the life of a mobile user are:

  • I want to know
  • I want to do
  • I want to go
  • I want review
  • I want to buy

Your content and push notifications should centre round each stage of the purchasing process and you can use mobile handsets to build bridges to your audience.

Video consumption

Let’s use video as way of an example of micro-moments. Mobile owners will typically browse online using their mobile phones whilst commuting, travelling and when they’re in bed.

In these quiet moments, they want something quick and easy to digest – and the statistics show that digital video consumption on mobile phones is on the rise. Creating a video ad is a great way to connect with your audience, raise brand awareness and increase conversions.


Mobile handsets are primarily tools used for communicating and kitted-out with email, text and social media alerts, there are plenty of ways to send a message to your audience.

Smartphones can be used to improve customer relations by sending reminders, improving personalised advertising by sending special messages, content and offers, and increasing the interaction you have with your audience through social media outlets.

It is no secret that improving your overall SEO, conversion rate and engagement with your audience means producing great content. But you must also take advantage of technology to place your content and communications in front of your customers.

Optimising responses to customers via mobile handsets gives online firms a prime opportunity to maximise several areas of your business, so pay attention to user behaviour and capitalise on the things your audience want, and not what you think they need.

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