Cross Browser Compatibility Tips

Cross Browser Compatibility Tips

Cross Browser Compatibility Tips

Reset your CSS

Every browser interoperates web pages differently, this reset CSS script attempts to normalise your site, displaying it the same in all web browsers. This is extremely handy and a must-do for all web developers.

Do not use CSS3

As amazing as CSS3 is, older browsers especially Internet Explorer fail to display this content correctly. One of the more popular elements of CSS3 is rounded corners, clever background image placement can deliver a similar effect in all browsers.

Validate your site

Some browsers struggle to display content which does not comply with the W3 standards. You can run your website through the validation tool, this will suggest corrections and even automatically correct your code.

Develop mobile pages

Creating a separate site for mobile devices will allow users with smaller screens to freely browse your website. A lot of people browse the internet using their phone now, so this is a must have.

Use Browser Shots

Browser Shots is a service which allows screenshots to be captured from your website from over 80 browsers. This will allow you to determine which browsers struggle to display your content.

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