Credit Where Credit’s Due for Web Developers

Credit Where Credit’s Due for Web Developers

Credit Where Credit’s Due for Web Developers

Credit Where Credit’s Due for Web Developers

Web developers are the unsung heroes of a web design. People often comment about how good our websites look and the designer is buzzing. But very rarely do people compliment the web developer for making a website perform.

And that makes our web developers feel like a used, oily rag. So this blog post is for them and all other web developers that feel their work goes unrewarded. All hail to the web developers.

To be fair, web design and web development is very closely entwined and both designers and developers have to be singing from the same song sheet in order for a website to work with form and functionality.

Otherwise you get a great looking website that doesn’t function very well. A bit like some reality TV stars out there – you know the ones.

Whereas web design is for artistic minds, web development is requires technical skills. It is the web developer that makes a website work and creates the user-experience. Which is why they are better paid.

What is the difference between web design and web development?

To give you an analogy, web designers are the architects of a website. Web developers are the builders.

In the construction industry, architects take all the glory, whilst the builders, with their beer bellies and builder’s bums showing, never get a mention.

For the record, our web developers don’t have beer bellies.

Web designers are experts in visual art. It is the designer’s job to create the look and feel of a website so they get to be creative and have wild thoughts. Their responsibilities include colour schemes, fonts, graphic design and the flow of information

Web developers are more analytical and technically minded. They have to think in linear fashion and be more disciplined in their approach to user-experience. When working on creative projects this can be difficult to pull off which is why good developers are in high demand.

What do web developers do?

The core role of a web developer is to program the code that tells the computer what to do. They work on the backend of a website you don’t see and read a language that seems alien and unintelligible to normal people.

The coding you see above is essentially instructions that tell a website how to behave. For example, if you want a capture the email address of a visitor, a web developer  programs the technical code to make that happen.

It requires a lot of knowledge and skill to be a web developer. They need to know how to use scripting languages like HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. Maybe even jQuery if they are lazy. This stuff is gobbledygook to the rest of us.

So yeah, web developers are a strange breed, but without them, websites would not function and the internet would be in a mess akin to a warzone.

And this is why our web development team deserve a pat on the back and their very own blog post.




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