Content v Technical SEO: Which Is More Important

Content v Technical SEO: Which Is More Important

Content v Technical SEO: Which Is More Important

Content v Technical SEO: Which Is More Important

It was in 1996 when Bill Gates uttered the words: “Content is King.” This mantra has taken hold in the SEO community with such conviction that nowadays businesses are focusing their marketing efforts and their budget to create top-notch content.

Whilst this is all well and good, in the absence of solid technical foundations, your digital palace will collapse like a sandcastle in high tide.

There are specifically three key elements to consider which directly impact on content and ultimately your search engine rankings; user-experience, performance and the ability for search engines to crawl your website.

Let’s start there.

Understanding search engine robots

Before your website will be visible in search results, the pages have to be indexed. Search engines achieve this by sending crawlers to assess the content. Your robot.exe. therefore has to allow crawlers to access your website.

That snippet of technical knowledge is a basic principle any web designer will do. What is more critical is that the information architecture creates a clear path for robots to follow – which is not something all web designers can do.

Make a mental note: webpages that robots cannot reach will not be indexed, thus will not appear in search engine results.

The importance of user-experience

User-experience (UX) is one of the most critical aspects of a web design, but can often be overlooked. It is not unusual for clients to want websites to feature elements that look great, but do not necessarily enhance UX.

When considering UX, consider what your customers want. They want access to information or to buy products, and they want to do it quickly in the minimum number of clicks.

What they don’t want is to do is look or even think about where to go next. Nor do they want to wait for webpages to load. This is frustrating and results in you losing customers. The navigation of your website is a technical issue that needs addressing from the outset.

The impact of web performance

The performance of a website is something many companies and their customers are encountering at the minute. In fact, it’s become such an issue that Google is readying the launch of Accelerated Mobile Pages to improve load times for mobile users.

Slow loading websites is the biggest cause of users abandoning websites. Missing links and the inability to find what they are looking for are also high on the list of things that cause visitors to leave.

If your website does not perform well, end-users do not hang around long enough to interact with your content. Therefore it does not matter how engaging your content is.

Your SEO is seriously affected if the technical aspects of your website is not right. Furthermore, because SEO technology changes so rapidly, companies need reliable partners that can incorporate new tactics into the design.

Before you even think about creating content, ensure your website is equipped to host it. Running a successful online business starts behind the scenes. So content is not King, it just wears the crown.

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