How To Build Engaging Mobile Apps

How To Build Engaging Mobile Apps

How To Build Engaging Mobile Apps

How To Build Engaging Mobile Apps

Consumers are addicted to their smartphones and tablets. And that gives online businesses an opportunity to embed mobile apps in the app library of their customers.

But there is an art to building engaging mobile apps. Historically, apps have a short shelf-life because they do not offer sufficient value to end-users on a long-term basis. The majority of apps are used once then discarded.

The reason for that is because brands are not taking advantage of the marketing power mobile apps offer. An app should serve a purpose that end-users benefit from on a regular basis.

Although it is not possible for every business in every industry to create apps for everyday use, they can be used for publishing useful content. Not every app has to serve a function. It has to provide a purpose.

Content is a key driver for engaging customers, and in dedicated apps, you can give your customers direct access to information wherever they are, and whenever they need it. And with voice-activated search on the horizon, mobile apps will play an even greater role for a brand’s customer retention program.


Creating engaging mobile apps

The ideal mobile app is one that provides end-users with a function they need in their lives on a regular basis. Games are exciting for a short while, but the novelty soon fades. The one thing every mobile user wants on a regular basis is information.

The principle function of your app may not be able to provide information end-users need on a daily basis, but brands can use mobile apps to deliver content that contains information customers may want at regular intervals.

Mobile apps can be used in a similar way as your desktop website and blog. The difference is the way content is delivered. Content has to be accessible on small screens. So whilst huge chunks of text is not digestible, visual images are.

Mobile users favour image-based content when using handheld devices; videos, infographs, memes and modules are the way to go. Providing content is engaging enough, brands will increase engagement and customer retention.


Keep it simple

The focus of a mobile is simplicity. Modern day consumers want things kept simple. They have little patience for digital tools they have to put too much thought into using.

Intuitive designs with interfaces that are easy to navigate is the key. Help screens, search functions and content with value are the features end-users want to see in a mobile app.

Make registration and login easy by giving users the option to login using their social media details. You can also use the information you pull in from social media accounts to offer a personalised service. Knowing what your customers need enables you to deliver content they are most interested in.

Mobile apps are a marketing tool brands cannot afford to be without. The reliance of handheld devices will only become more important and mobile technology improves and people move away from desktop computers into a mobile-only world.

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