Twitter displaying advertisements in local languages

Twitter displaying advertisements in local languages

Google Introduces 3D Mapping Phone

Once upon a time Google was a search engine run from a basement. Nowadays they are releasing revolutionary technology such as the new Google phone. ‘Project Tango’ is hardly a conventional phone, though it promises

The iOS7 ‘waterproof’ hoax

An online scheme rumored to have started on the site 4chan has led a number of users to believe that their apple products are now in fact ‘waterproof’ due to the recent iOS7 update. Crucial

Apple iOS7 – The Breakdown

Apple are set to release their latest instalment of their highly anticipated iOS operating system along with the release of the two new iPhones. One of the most noticeable features is the new ‘flat’ user

The Games Console War Rages On

Microsoft have now given a release date for their Xbox One console which is set to hit the shelves a week before their rivals (SONY) PS4. Both consoles have been made to similar specs, both

UBI’s Touch-Display Projector

UBI have developed a combination of Microsoft’s Kinect and a projector to create a way of turning any surface into an interactive environment. The projector displays from the input as normal, but now the Kinect

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