What Are The Best SEO Tactics for Your Website?

What Are The Best SEO Tactics for Your Website?

What Are The Best SEO Tactics for Your Website?

What Are The Best SEO Tactics for Your Website?

There is little point building a website if you do not use SEO to promote it. SEO may be time-consuming and can be expensive, but it does offer great rewards when engaged effectively. However, not every tactic is ideal for every company.

Search engines and social media networks are both powerful marketing platform online businesses cannot ignore. But how can you harness that power and make the platforms work for your business?

Publish relevant content

When we say relevant content, we don’t just mean being on the right topic – you also have to be on the right device. Consumers are using multiple devices to access content and marketers have to consider how people interact with content on the device they are using.

For example, search engines rank in-depth article of 1500-words plus better than short articles on the same topic. But a mobile user does not want to sift through a lengthy feature. They want images and videos.

Engaging content

Once you have identified the best content format for the device you want to target, create content that will engage readers and compel them to take action. Every piece of content should serve a purpose so set content goals and make a long-term plan.

Video ads

Promotional videos will continue to grow, but because professional footage is expensive, video ads can often stretch the budget. There are alternative options for creative types however. A cheap video camera can produce decent results if the script is good enough.


It’s hard for online businesses to ignore mobile SEO these days given more searches are conducted on handhelds than any other device. But not every business will suit mobile users.

The type of branded content you publish and purchasing paths may be better for desktop users, but that does not mean to say that you can’t attract customers through mobile devices.

If you pique their interest, readers are more likely to take a better look on desktop. So give them the option to “remind me later” and ask them for an email address or a post on their social media wall.

Paid advertising

Online firms that do not have much visibility in search engines and a limited reach in social networks, paid advertising is a good option. Paid search gets your ads on page one of search results and spread across websites. It is good for targeting prospects with buying intent and increasing brand recognition.

Paid social on the other hand matches your products with the profiles, preferences and behaviour of social users in your network. It identifies the right type of customers that is most likely to make a purchase.

If you neglect to maintain SEO your website will not be visible online. Building a website will ultimately be a wasted investment. SEO can seem like an overwhelming prospect, but understanding how to best attract and engage customers will make the process all the more worthwhile.

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