Apple’s iOS6

Apple’s iOS6

Apple’s iOS6

Here at Designaweb we have been waiting with anticipation for what Apple would announce at the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) last Monday.  With the news now out in the open, from a quick glance, some of it sounds pretty good!

Apple is launching IOS6 in the autumn which will be available on the iPhone 3GS & above, the iPad 2 & higher and the latest generation of the iPod touch.

So what’s new?

An upgraded Siri, which will also be available for the iPad 2.  Siri’s knowledge is extending into sports, movies and restaurant recommendations etc. allowing you to ask more questions and hopefully understanding them better. It is also getting social with Twitter and Facebook allowing you to post comments. In my own experience of using Siri, it can get frustrating when it miss-interprets something which you then have to repeat so hopefully its voice recognition has much improved. But another boost on Siri is the fact that you can now tell it to open apps which has been a much ‘asked’ feature around the Apple community.  Facebook hasn’t just been integrated with Siri, but with the whole operating system. It is now much easier to post using you the device much like it is to send an email or tweet.

It has been expected for a while that Apple would develop its own mapping system which is now going to be launched with iOS6. They are getting rid of Google maps altogether and using a flyover 3D modelling mapping app which will also use a turn by turn feature seen on sat navs. By the looks of it Google are going to have trouble keeping up with this one.

FaceTime will now also be available over a cellular network and not just over Wi-Fi. And with the role out 4G in many countries it is a huge advantage. You’ll also be able to reply to a call using a text message which will be quick to send. One other feature that we are excited with is the ability to share your photo stream. You’ll be able to pick and choose which photos share and which friends to share them with. Currently there is a beta version of the operating system out now for developers but it won’t be available for consumers until autumn with the iPhone 5 coming on to the market around that time.

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