Apple iCloud

Apple iCloud

Apple iCloud

Apple recently revealed more information on their iCloud service. iCloud is a service which allows you to synchronise your apps, documents, photos and other data across the internet. It is very much like the online service Dropbox.

You get a free 5GB with the service, as long as you have an apple product. To upgrade that to 55GB expect to pay around £70 a year, once it is released.

On Apple’s webpage, it demonstrates how a photo can be synced across iCloud. If you take a photo on your iPhone, it automatically uploads to the iCloud. Then if your iPad is on, it will download the image onto that; All of this in a matter of seconds.

Unfortunately there is no web interface, this means that you cannot stream songs to a computer which does not have iTunes. This is a slight let-down; as Dropbox allows you complete control over your cloud storage from any computer in the world.

Hopefully Apple will roll out more features as time progresses.

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