Alphabet – The Big Google Rebrand: What you need to know

Alphabet – The Big Google Rebrand: What you need to know

Alphabet – The Big Google Rebrand: What you need to know

In general, companies rebrand themselves when they are looking to change direction, target a new audience or when they want to give their business a boost with a new contemporary look.

The recent announcement that Google was rebranding itself as Alphabet therefore came as a shock to many in the world of business, with some analysts and experts wondering exactly what the web giant was up to.

As Google has its fingers in a lot of pies, thousands, maybe even millions, of companies around the world will be reading about these developments with interest. So what exactly has changed and how will it affect you and your business?

What’s changed?

Rather than rebranding completely, Google has in fact created a parent company for itself. Named Alphabet, this parent company will be the sole owner of Google as well as a number of other small companies and startups.

So instead of Google owning all of its subsidiaries, these will now belong to Alphabet, with Google keeping control of direct affiliates like maps, searches, YouTube and adds.

Most of the changes at Google will be seen in its structure and staffing, with several of its big names, including co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, stepping down (or up depending on which way you look at it) from their roles to focus on the new parent company.

Why has Google rebranded?

Since it was first founded, Google has been determined to push the boundaries of what’s possible, investing heavily in its search engine, mapping service and marketing tools, as well as in riskier prospects like driverless cars, drones and automated homes.

In recent years, many of its shareholders have put pressure on the company to avoid risky investments, preferring instead that profits are invested in the core company and its proven record of success.

How will it affect me?

On a day-to-day basis, most users won’t actually notice a change to their service. Adwords, searches and maps will all stay the same, with Google continuing to invest in development and technology.

People with shares in Google will see their investments automatically transferred to the new parent company, though Alphabet will continue to trade under the Stock Ticker Symbols GOOG and GOOGL.

An important step in the story of one of the world’s biggest companies, the Google rebrand marks a change in direction for the web giant. Though most of us won’t see a dramatic change overnight, the way that Google, and Alphabet, invests its money and its expertise is guaranteed to affect the internet and the world of technology for all of us.

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