Adobe’s Products Take Off to the Cloud

Adobe’s Products Take Off to the Cloud

Adobe’s Products Take Off to the Cloud

Adobe has just unveiled their new cloud platform for their creative suite. Over the years Adobe has acquired a resounding reputation for high quality creative software, everything from web designing, programming, drawing, video editing and compositing. Adobe’s projects are also notoriously expensive, especially for students.

Some students turn to piracy due to the pricy software. Adobe has acknowledged this and has released a new, cheaper alternative which may draw potential customers away from illegal downloads.

Adobe’s Creative Cloud offers subscribers access to their complete suite of applications. Because the applications are run from the cloud, these applications can now also run on mobile and tablet devices, as well as traditional laptops and desktops.

The subscription service is said to be around £46.88 per month, with discounts available for those who have previously bought creative suite programs. This is far cheaper than the full suite which will set you back over £2500. Mathematically cloud offers you 56 months of use for the same price as the full suite.

Is Adobe setting the future path for software companies?

Will this be beneficial both large and small scale business?

Are Adobe’s products overpriced?

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