Adobe Edge – Preview

Adobe Edge – Preview

Adobe Edge – Preview

Web Developers from around the world have just got their fingers on the preview version of Adobe Edge. It was initially designed to be a specialised version of Dreamweaver, of which can effectively develop using HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3. You can create animations, headers, full webpages, advertisements, the list is endless.

Because both HTML5 and CSS3 are languages created for visual application, Edge has completely revamped its interface. It appears strikingly more like After Effects than Dreamweaver.

Edge promotes itself to be versatile and very easy to learn, Adobe have uploaded numerous video tutorials to get you started. When I first picked up edge I found it shockingly easy to create and manipulate elements.

The preview is only a trial and expires once the full version is released, at the moment it is purely an insight which offers an effective introduction to HTML5 development programs.

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