5 Web Development Trends in 2016

5 Web Development Trends in 2016

5 Web Development Trends in 2016

5 Web Development Trends in 2016

Sometimes it’s bewildering to keep up with the fast paced world of technology and digital marketing. Trends come and go. We face the same challenges in the web development industry.

2016 is shaping up to be an intriguing year. And as web technologies become more sophisticated, exciting times ahead. Let’s take a quick look at what we can expect for the remainder of the year.

The evolution of IoT

Specialists across the web industry have been talking up the Internet of Things (IoT) for some time now, but to date it has only made a slight impact. But ideas about inter-connected technology are beginning to evolve.

As companies look for more engaging ways to interact with their audience, the ability to merge data transfers between electrical devices has the potential to raise brand awareness, improve customer loyalty and make small improvements to the lives of customers.

Although IoT will not replace apps, they are a less expensive alternative for companies that cannot justify the cost of building an app. IoT provides opportunities for online companies to offer real value and is something web developers need to be thinking about offering clients.

Cards are replacing tiles

Last year we saw tile-based designs trending. They didn’t last long and this year is being replaced with cards. As content is broken down to provide personal experiences, cards enable web designers to take tile designs on to a higher level.

The web experience focuses on providing information and entertainment. Cards not only compartmentalize custom-designed content they also have interactive qualities that enable users to flip them over and expand.

More mobile friendly designs

Now more people are using mobile handsets to surf the net, online companies are looking at ways of creating user-friendly web designs on mobile.

The change in focus of web designs has switched to mobile first, and 2016 will witness several mobile that improve the user-experience; full screen navigation, single page websites, and parallax scrolling amongst them.

Illustrated images

Images are an important feature of web designs, but are expensive to create. The last few years have seen an increase in the number of free stock photo websites, and whilst the quality of free images has improved dramatically, there is still an issue over uniqueness.

The switch from photographic images to illustrations is an emerging trend in web design for this year. They may not always look as slick as photographic images, but what they do add is a personalized and unique touch that piques the interest of visitors and leaves a good first impression.

Video heroes

The hero space has to have an impact. It is the first visual visitors will see when they arrive at your website. It therefore has to be striking and noticeable.

Is there a better way of capturing the attention than a motion picture in the background? Er, no, at least not right now. Expect to see more videos in the hero space over the next few years.

In competitive markets, online businesses have to adopt trends that keep audiences engaged and produce a better user-experience than their rivals. Having competent web designers that recognize the best emerging trends in web development will help you do that.

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