35% of Google Searches Affected

35% of Google Searches Affected

35% of Google Searches Affected

Earlier this year we saw the release of the Google Panda Search which promised us more relevant search results. They did this by demoting so-called “Content Farms” which are useless pages packed with SEO and relevant keywords. Google is now releasing an expansion of this idea, coined the “Caffeine” update.

Google believes that users are always seeking the freshest and most up-to-date content. Because of this Google has altered their algorithm. The thinking behind this is as follows: If someone wants to find out the football scores from the weekend they could Google “Football scores”. It’s fairly obvious that they are looking for the scores from the weekend’s game, and not scores from last year. This is what the new update is designed to combat.

The new Algorithm now also has the possibility to render JavaScript, which means embedded API tools such as Twitter and Facebook widgets are now also crawled if embedded on a webpage. This crawling of embedded widgets and favouritism of fresh content means that the Google bots will be all over social network sites, ready to pick up trending topics and incorporate these into the searching algorithm.

What does this mean for Website Developers? It seems that social network integration is a must while a strong community and fresh content is priceless.

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