3 Ways Of Utilising Mobile To Improve SEO

3 Ways Of Utilising Mobile To Improve SEO

3 Ways Of Utilising Mobile To Improve SEO

Brands need to look at improving SEO in a mobile-first world. Technology and leading online

corporations such as Google and Facebook are gradually steering us towards a mobile-only

world, and mobile SEO will be the way forward in 2017.

Mobile-First Content

Google recently announced it will be introducing a new search index – one that judges page

relevance based on mobile statistics. Making your website, responsive, easy to navigate and

looking great on mobile devices is about to go to the next level.

The mobile-first index will launch early next year, probably February, March time. Google will

start ranking pages using analytics data from mobile-users. Which means websites have to

be mobile-friendly and engage visitors.

Some of the key data search engines use to rank webpages is customer engagement; how

long a visitor spends on the page, the number of pages they explore and the how long they

spend on your website.

If visitors are spending time on your website, you will be rewarded with higher rank positions.

The switch to the mobile-first index will mean that you have to engage visitors on a mobile

device just as much as you do on desktop devices – otherwise you will lose page rank.

AMP Codes

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is another initiative driven by Google. The purpose is to

encourage online business owners to build websites using AMP codes rather than third party

HTML, CSS and Javascript codes.

The AMP Project provides web developers with open source HTML codes they can use to

replace existing third party codes. Essentially AMP codes are mobile-friendly as they do not

contain as much information and speed up load times.

If you are not using AMP codes, design elements of your website will be stripped away for

mobile users. If graphic images are a key element to your customer-engagement, this could

pose a problem. In essence, design needs to be included in your content, rather than the

build of your website.

Switch to messenger apps

Although social media marketing is still a powerful tool for small businesses, it’s time to

switch to messenger apps rather than using public platforms. There are several reasons for


Social media networks have cut the supply line to followers. Unless you go down the paid

advertising route, there is little chance of your posts reaching many people. You still won’t be

able to market to customer in messenger apps, but you can communicate with them –

because that is where they are hanging out.

More people are using messenger apps than social platforms that are open to the public.

Social users seem to be moving away from Facebook where they are bombarded by

irrelevant posts, and prefer to use messenger where they only receive messages from their


Now we are living in a mobile-first world, brands have to look at SEO strategies that appeal

to mobile users. There is no escape from this direction. Either create an online experience

for mobile users, or lose visibility in online platforms.

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